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Frequently Asked Questions

The default print settings for CD Title cards seem skinnier that the normal ones? This is because the original title card slightly overlapped the album covers. If you would rather it look the same as the originals you can select "Full Width" as a printing option.
How do I create mix tape CD Title Cards with my own custom title cards? This is more or less the same as normal Album creation, When you create the album you can add up to 44 tracks (good for dance-mix CDS), or 66 tracks (better for multi-CD single artist specials). Then when you get to the print section options page you can select the "good up to 44 tracks" or "good up to 66 tracks based on the number of tracks you added.
I have a Wallette style Jukebox and my left hand side pages change the disc number slot position how do I account for this? There is an option when going to print, to 'Flip' the card. This will put the covert art on the right and the track listing on the left with the disc number cutout.